An interesting night of constipation and classical mythology

Sat 23rd Jan. It has been a whole two days since my last confession.

This was mine, Esther and Godiva’s 2nd night out in a row.

During the course of the evening, I became infatuated with a beautiful lesbian, sat among real working class Sheffield men (until then only a fantasy), saw a massive skinhead in a kilt with matching sock-ribbons, and got nicely blotto as Lord Archer would have it.

I had tummy ache around 4am and enjoyed sitting for a while in the toilet at a house party, away from all the noise and debauchery.

I pushed very hard and bit by bit hard pebbles fell into the bowl, each one christening my bottom with urine water. As I waited for the landslide to end, I read a toilet book handily left for such occasions: Ancient Myths and Religions. None of it made any sense, so I put it back and left the room.

A little later, Esther was rather worse for wear, and I had to manhandle her home. We watched some news 24 and she went to sleep. I decided to squander the remains of my energy on this blog.

That is all.