Faces I Want to Slap

Saturday, saturday, what a day. Not.

Still no call from Kristen. I will have to call out the repairmen, there must be a fault with the line stopping her from getting through.

While I wait, I compose a list of people whose faces are so annoying I want to slap them resoundingly. The bigger the picture, the more slappable the face:

Peter Beale. I wonder if his hair would even move?

"Horatio from CSI Miami. He might actually express some emotion if he is bitch slapped"


"Thinking about it, the whole rubber faced cast gets on my wick"

"I'd get them in a double-twonk"

"Shut the fuck up"

"Ellen Page even slaps her own face it's so annoying"

“Precocious, Moi?”

"Need someone to play God?"

DEFINITELY to be continued!!


Suggestions Please…