Things Devo Has Eaten

Satan's Little Helper


  1. Energy saver lightbulbs
  2. Bag of sugar
  3. Iron filings
  4. Pots of pepper and salt
  5. Polystyrene
  6. 4 pairs of headphones
  7. The cat’s bowl
  8. 20 or so corks
  9. 15 toilet rolls
  10. human shit, found in the bushes
  11. Dom’s pee, straight from the source
  12. several bloody panty pads
  13. 2 toilet brushes
  14. The Whole Kitchen Lino
  15. Pan scourers (and anything foam)
  16. Bottle of vitamin tablets (just the bottle)
  17. Acorns
  18. Macleans mouth spray
  19. BBQ coals
  20. A toothbrush
  21. Dom’s Crocodile skin cowboy boots
  22. A roll of cellophane
  23. A model boat- but not the oar

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